Today’s HEARTSPOKEN Note is a weekly newsletter to inspire and encourage the art of heartspoken note and letter writing. It will equip you to find your own "voice" and use this tool—this Connection Superpower—to nourish the personal and professional relationships in your life. Join us as we spread the #HeartspokenMovement!

Created and written by Shenandoah Valley writer and award-winning author, Elizabeth H. Cottrell, it supports readers of her book (see below) and anyone who genuinely wants to learn to write notes “that connect, comfort, encourage, and inspire.”

Elizabeth's Heartspoken Message HERE

Here’s what you can look forward to when you learn to harness these tools more effectively:

  • Strengthened personal and professional relationships

  • Increased creativity

  • Boosted confidence and positivity

  • Improved communication skills

  • Enhanced empathy

  • Heightened sense of gratitude

  • Amplified powers of observation

  • A reputation as someone who cares

  • A keener sense of self-awareness

  • Improved mental health and personal growth

The newsletter will include tips, ideas, recommended resources, samples, templates, and heartwarming stories of notes and letters that have made a difference.


Elizabeth is the author of HEARTSPOKEN: How to Write Notes that Connect, Comfort, Encourage, and Inspire, published in July 2022 by Koehler Books. She’s started a #HeartspokenMovement to encourage and support readers who want to learn more about this Connection superpower. The book has won gold-level awards from The Nonfiction Authors Association, Reader’s Favorite, Outstanding Creator Awards, Literary Titan Awards, and the Firebird Book Award

What Others are Saying…

“This book is a gift. It’s a gift that Elizabeth Cottrell has given to all who read it. It is a gift that you will feel compelled to share with others. As a business etiquette expert, I have been teaching people the value of writing notes as a tool for growing their business and building relationships. Elizabeth has created one of the most valuable books you’ll ever own and will refer to over and over for years to come.”

~ Lydia Ramsey, Business Etiquette and Modern Manners Expert,

“Heartspoken is a work of art—and a work of heart. Your words are packed with wisdom and inspiration. It is so practical and I especially admire how you put the reader at ease with your encouragement to write naturally. Your NOTES formula is brilliant!”

~ Peggy Post, Director Emeritus, The Emily Post Institute

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Teaching you to turn the simple tool of note writing into a superpower for stronger connections in your personal and professional life.


Award-winning author/ blogger at, Elizabeth teaches readers to strengthen the Heartspoken Life's four essential connections and to write personal and professional notes that connect, comfort, encourage, and inspire.